Hatcher Hill plans new building on Gay Street


Hatcher Hill Properties has purchased a lot on South Gay Street, and developer Tim Hill said the firm is planning a new building on the site.

According to KGIS, the lot extends about 40 feet south from the Century Building (pictured above). Hill indicated the developers are still finalizing their plans for the structure, but said it will likely include retail and condos, adding that when it comes to the design, “we’d like to go a little higher than the norm down there right now.”

Hill and business partner Mike Hatcher are also part of the ownership group of the JCPenney Building, at 412 S. Gay Street, which was recently redeveloped.

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3 thoughts on “Hatcher Hill plans new building on Gay Street

  1. Starting from the ground up you could do so many things, with such a large space how about a Dave and Busters on the main floor ? Great times downtown destination.


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