BNA buys on North Central, plans retail site


The development firm behind the renovated Oliver Hotel has purchased a building on Central Street, with a retail redevelopment in mind.

An entity with ties to Nashville-based BNA Associates paid $125,000 for the building at 2300 N. Central Street. Philip Welker, of BNA, said the idea is to create 1,000- to 1,200-square foot spaces that could be home to retailers or restaurants.

Welker said one possibility is to offer storefronts to food truck entrepreneurs who are “ready to graduate” into a slightly larger space.


The Central Street corridor has seen plenty of activity in recent months. BNA’s new building is several blocks north of the Mid-Mod Collective, a boutique retailer which opened last year at 1617 N. Central, and just south of the new Fanatic Brewing Company.

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